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Swales – Concrete Domes (Buttons)  

 The City of Coral Gables wishes to eliminate the use of all ceramic buttons, pyramids, reflectors and other encroachments in the public right-of way. Accordingly, the City passed an ordinance in April 2016 that prohibits the use of buttons, pyramids, reflectors, and other permanent encroachments in the public right-of-way.

Please read the following information so that you are in compliance with City Code Ch. 62-136.

The grace period to remove all concrete domes (buttons) and pyramids, reflectors, and other similar materials from the public right-of-way swale adjacent to any property expired on July 12, 2016.  This notification extends the deadline for removal of the buttons and other encroachments until December 2, 2016.

In order to avoid a fine or removal fees, please follow these simple steps:

• Remove the concrete domes and/or other materials listed above by December 2, 2016.

• Consider re-using them on your private property, or place them out for collection in accordance with your weekly trash service (no sooner than 6:00 p.m. the evening before your collection day).

If the concrete domes are not removed within the required timeframe, the City will remove them and may assess the cost to the property owner.

Swale Protection Alternatives

Conventionally, concrete domes, single No-Parking signs, reflectors, and other encroachments have been used for two primary purposes: to protect grass swales from parking pressure and from traffic/moving vehicle damage. 

The following information is intended to provide the community with safer, more aesthetically pleasing, and more strategic alternatives for swale protection. 

Plant Swale with Low Non-woody Plants Using the Following Planting Design Guidelines
1. Plantings must extend fully from the sidewalk (or property line where no sidewalk) to the edge of the road. Creating a hedge along the road or sidewalk is not permitted.
2. Swale plantings are intended as an alternative to grass where grass cannot grow. As such, plantings beyond a 3-foot ring around street trees are limited to a single plant type in the swale along each property. Within a 3-foot ring around street trees, residents will still be able to plant non-woody (herbaceous), low growing plants of their choice as long as the plants are maintained at a maximum height of 24”.

Plant Recommendations

Shade-tolerant, non-woody (herbaceous), low growing plants for right of way swale plantings:

Best and lowest maintenance plants for over tree roots with very little soil: 
    Wart Ferns and Philodendron 'Burle Marx'.

Good, low maintenance plants that require more soil and must be planted in between tree roots: 
    Liriope, Variegated Liriope, and Flax Lily.

Only plant to be allowed for use under Banyan trees: Red Congo

Neighborhood, Street, or Multiple Properties with Excessive Parking Pressure

The City understands there are conditions where more than one property, street, or neighborhood may be experiencing excessive parking pressure on a regular/recurring basis.  In addition or as a supplement to the swale planting option outlined above, the City’s Residential Permit Parking Program may be a more strategic solution to the concrete domes and No-Parking signs.  

Examples of areas where this solution might be explored include:
• Schools/heavy activity areas 
• Commercial Districts

Visit the City's Residential Parking Permit webpage for more information.

Traffic/Moving Vehicle Damage

For swale damage or other potential traffic safety issues due to off road traffic movements or roadway characteristics, please call 305-460-5000.

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Plants for Swales-2


Plants for Swales-3



Last updated: 11/8/2016 7:50:50 AM